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In practice, most NURBS curves are non-rational. stl mesh is regular, I had no problems to convert it to solid. I just need to convert a simple 3d solid to a mesh so i can import it my other program. Dec 10, 2012 · Mesh background. The feature includes: 1. Convert mesh to a single NURBS surface; 3. To get the IGES export option to show, you will have to load the DirectConnect. in the formats 3DS, IGES or STL) to a solid body, you can use e. Используются программы Rhino, T-Splines, ZBrush. Mesh objects. I'll leave the . sat Non-uniform rational basis spline (NURBS) is a mathematical model commonly used in computer graphics for generating and representing curves and surfaces. I have found that it's best to use the data for general reference, like on a locked layer, but re-build the geometry entirely in fresh new Rhino NURBS. as a last note, NURBS can be very nice, and easier to work with > Sometimes. Converts the beveled curve to mesh. How to convert mesh to nurbs for Rhino step by step tutorial. The mesh representation of a NURBS object is a facetted approximation of the original. Convert mesh to nurbs for Rhino. This may slow Fusion 360 temporarily but eventually will create the T-Spline body. CONVERTOLDMATERIALS This command is used to convert materials created in AutoCAD 2006 and earlier to the current AutoCAD materials format. DOLFIN-CONVERT, a Python program which can convert a mesh file from Gmsh, MEDIT, METIS or SCOTCH format to an XML format suitable for use by DOLFIN or FENICS, by Anders Logg. A Mesh to Micron Conversion Table can be made using this screen scale as its base with an opening of 0. The other geometry types that Maya provides are polygon and subdivision surfaces. stl files in Autocad, convert the mesh in different forms and export it, and after that I was able to use For game artists, NURBS don't really do a whole lot. Tutorial 7 - Automatic surfaces (solid) generation from mesh. You can convert a NURBS surface to a polygon mesh whether it was created in Maya LT or imported from another 3D application. 3. Convert Mesh data to surface data. Produces a single mesh, even if the original NURBS object consists of separate surfaces. 1 The join option; 4. export . Controllable precision. Well, I think i might have come to a partial solution, there is a software called mesh2solid. Each has a different resolution or face count. Import . For example, if you convert a NURBS cube (which consists of six separate faces) with Attach Multiple Output Meshes on, the resulting polygon cube will consist of a single mesh. This software can convert an open mesh to a single NURBS surface just by clicking one button. NURBS Modeling 6 Table of Contents Control multi-knots and CV hardness . Rhino has an option to convert a mesh to real, smooth, curved NURBS surfaces. If the NURBS surface has a texture applied to it, this texture is assigned to the new polygonal object. Contribute to Sanaxen/OBJ-to-IGES development by creating an account on GitHub. It offers great flexibility and precision for handling both analytic (surfaces defined by common mathematical formulae) and modeled shapes. Convert to Meshes. . Mesh size is not a precise measurement of particle size. The methodology is very similar but not entirely identical to the one Aug 16, 2012 · A quick write-up on how to convert quad-based polygonal models to NURBS surfaces. It is suitable for visualizing large-volume scans such as a construction site. I suppose it will be easier to work on it for me. Curve To Poly Complex tool for converting 2D floor plans defined by NURBS curves and Lines into polygons. Automatic snap options that move the nearest vertices to control points. One of them a mesh, the other the T-spline body. Tutorial 9 - Point cloud to mesh. I personally have never heard of any engine that supports nurbs. Really messy: (The chair to the left is one that I tried to convet to NURBS) My Q is: A. However with the option of "join" you can convert the set of NURBS surfaces to a solid. I can convert it to solid part using Meshlab and Freecad, but it is hard to modify in SolidEdge after all, as part is complicated. Thanks. I can not use these images for documentation sets. NURBs are Non-Uniform, Rational, B-splines. It will see it as a set of loose surfaces. Handle large scale data. There are other ways to convert back to NRUBs (including a single surface) but it depends on your geometry and level of accuracy you desire. For example, if the particle size of a material is described as -4 +40 mesh, then 90% or more of the material will pass through a 4-mesh sieve (particles smaller than 4. Data Export: Maxsurf and Hydrolink support 3D NURBS data export via IGES, IMSA NURBS, Fastship, and the Rhino Open NURBS *3dm format. Then you have a clean model that is infinitely easier to generate wall thicknesses, create fillets, make changes, etc. Both conversion operations (NURBS to Subdiv and Polygons to Subdiv) have the same options in the options window. For a while, commercial software with such capabilities was available to us, so we were able to convert some animal 3D models to NURBS. 189. We take a NURBS surface and its trimming curves as input, from this we automatically compute a base mesh, the limit surface of which fits the trimmed NURBS surface to a specified tolerance. 62 function to take the edge or edge loop of a mesh and convert it to a curve/path so it can be used for array and other things? Blender Artists is an online creative forum that is dedicated to the growth and education of the 3D software Blender. For artistic purposes, this may not really matter, but for precision modelling only NURBS circles should be used. Cut tools. Trimmed surfaces are also converted in the process. of a curve, or a polygon mesh through the control points of a surface. when creating, or converting curves (splines), make sure the amount of vertices are the same in all curves, and The Convert group contains set of tools for conversions between NURBS curves, LightWave splines and polygons. If you're  29 Jul 2019 Here's an BIMscript insider tip: Rhinoceros can convert NURBS into Polygon Modeling through the Mesh command. 3 Offset surface with Solid option on . stl, *. mk Depending on the specific needs of your production, you will often need to convert NURBS surfaces into a polygonal mesh. Go to Modify -> Convert -> Polygon edge to NURBS Curve -> Options Menu. 11 May 2018 in this video, you can find how you can convert mesh to polysurfaces in grasshopper in rhino music : City of stars by john legend. The mesh is allowed to have interior holes in the model. Can only contain triangulated meshes. CONVTOSOLID Used to convert circles and polylines with thickness into solids. Apply Mesh > Mesh Repair > Fill Holes to all component meshes; Apply Mesh > Mesh Repair > Unify Normals to all component meshes Nov 13, 2013 · mmm. the tool is also used to convert any quad polygon mesh into a tspline  Converting an arbitrary mesh to nurbs is not easy in general. jean will demonstrate how the convert tool works in tspline. igs file. The shape is really simple, but I have tried a number of different automated programs (rhinoreverse, RhinoResurf, Mesh_to_single_NURBS, OBJ_mesh_to_solid) but have not had any luck with any of them. Convert mesh to a single NURBS surface. This method is suitable for use in Grasshopper development and the Grasshopper C# component. curves or surfaces. i am needing to convert a file to solidworks (NURBS) based (either an IGS or STEP). The more triangles that are used, the more accurately they will approximate the curvature of the input object. Make "Mesh from Curve" operator to pass evaluated object to the BKE_mesh_from_nurbs(). If the conversion process cannot be made then it will be output as a polygon mesh instead. This software can Convert an open Mesh to a single NURBS surface just by clicking one button. . Two-sided mesh conversion works well on thin shapes, such as tree leaves, or poor scans. Includes the low-res OBJ file and the final . 3 Bamboo Mesh Bags (2 x M, 1 x L) M: 10 x 12 Inch ; L : 12 x 15 Inch FREE SHIPPING IN USA Add $15 for the Foldable GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Tote Bag Size: 14 x 15 Inch. Good to keep in mind when choosing your modeling method. Step 3 Convert the Polygon Edge to a NURBS curve. HELP ANYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For the love of GOD!!! Ok. Existing products specialize in recreating precise prismatic parts from scanned meshes. Select polygon objects you want to convert to NURBS, and press 'PolyToNURBS' button. An interactive preview mode to work with the mesh as it is created in real time. I'd speculate that its better keeping the NURBS. Make a curve and fill it: Being sure you are in 2D mode, Use the steps above to create something simple, and fill it in using Convert an open mesh to a single NURBS surface. While 3D modelling most people prefer using 4 point polygons as much as possible. Adjusting the settings will allow for more or less faces, and a finer or coarser mesh. igs file; 4. You can extract section curves from a point cloud (PointCloudSection command), or from a polygon mesh with Section or Contour. I heard of them before but I didn't get what they were exactly. They say thats it's Automatic Surfacing feature converts mesh to NURBS surfaces. Tutorial 8 - Single surface from curves. stl file; 2. stl file, 2. Mar 06, 2019 · MeshTransforms: mesh Translate/Rotate/Scale, map to/from Frame3, convert Y/Z up, Left/Right-handedness MeshMeasurements : mesh Genus, Volume, Center of Mass, inertia tensor, Centroid, bounds under arbitrary transforms NURBS is an acronym for Non-Uniform Rational B-Spline, which is fancy jargon for complex 3D math. This process is handy when converting a mesh architectural form and converting it into a usable surface in both Grasshopper and Rhino. You can convert a NURBS surface to a polygon mesh whether it was created in Maya or imported from another 3D application. Curves as NURBS. Mesh to single NURBS is a standalone application. If you convert your ship to a mesh you will probably get lots of triangles, which might make it awkward to change the shape of the hull. Also, in order to convert the mesh, the majority of the mesh will need to be Quads. form•Z is a powerful, yet moderately priced 3D modeler from auto-des-sys that runs on computers using either Macintosh or Windows operating systems. Convert and Output as Trimmed NURBS Surface The Spline Shape primitive will be converted into a corresponding trimmed NURBS surface (patch). Provide a reverse engineering plug-in for May 19, 2009 · Hi Was just thinking if there is any way out to convert the Nurbs, especially, extrude and loft nurbs, into smooth polygonal mesh that can be edited like any other primitive mesh. the default "patch" command in rhino create a nurbs surface from points, curves, lines, etc. 9 Nov 2018 of converting mesh geometry (scanned meshes, high poly meshes like for converting scanned meshes into fully functional CAD (NURBS)  15 Dec 2016 significant user intervention, map NURBS surfaces to these points; however, TransMagic R12 can convert a polygonal format (such as STL) to a file using a technique known as a Polygon Point Mesh Body (PPMBody). First convert your surface (mesh) model to format directly readable in Inventor. It can even recognize shapes like cones, spheres, and cylinders. To convert a NURBS or Bezier closed curve to a primitive circle, it must first be converted to a polygon. Mirror to get the lines going the other direction. Mesh to single NURBS 1. At the moment you only have curves. If your mesh was manifold and closed, it will be a nurbs solid. Select the orig NURBS curves > Create Surface from Curves. Non-Uniform refers to the parameterization of the curve. Without knowing what problems a straight up analysis front end import of the existing mesh model presents I can only guess that converting to planar NURBS (ala Rhino MeshToNURBS, or analytic planes for that matter) will solve nothing Apr 29, 2011 · The nurbs "mesh" off to the side was created by the following steps: 1. NURBS (which is shorthand for Non-Uniform Rational B-splines) uses complex mathematics to calculate the surface of a model. Mesh to single NURBS. However, it is unable to convert the opposite way natively. 7. Extract tool>Surface mode 3. This mode shades models so individual mesh faces are visible (This creates a good preview as to what your part will look like once printed). it become apparent how to export the evaluated surfaces as a mesh like STL and there are resources NURBS versions of polygonal mesh 3D models will not be available for all 3D models we publish here as free software does not have the option to convert yet. The resulting object can look a bit like a mesh in edit mode, but it behaves very differently. And then I read a little from Deelip’s blog on doing a similar conversion. Profit. 0 to 1. Таким Hi. Free to try Publisher: RESURF Downloads: 343. When you used a different software (or even a command in the same CAD software) to convert the NURBS surface to a triangle mesh, there is no guarantee that you are getting the same triangle Mesh to single NURBS is a standalone application. Rhino has mesh tools, 3DS has nurbs tools. Polyface mesh and 3DFace entities import as polygon mesh objects. But it involves hand editing. Tips I would like to know Opencascade fuctionality. As the mesh size increases, the particle size decreases for finer material. RhinoResurf for Rhino can convert sub-mesh in an open mesh to a single NURB surface with specified tolerance. STL file format is the one recommended for 3d print Apr 25, 2006 · The 3dsin will work but when i type in 3dsout autocad tells me unknown command. Mesh to single Nurbs is a standalone application. BIMscript. Do you know some good settings to get a clean mesh? - I didn't know Solidworks was producing these "solid" meshes. 2. This is needed when OBJ is used for May 23, 2014 · NURBS (Non-Uniform Rational B-Splines) are one geometry type you can use to create 3D curves and surfaces in Maya. 3MF file to create surfaces and solids. As you may or may not know, when working in BIMscript you are required to create a Non-Uniform Rational Basis Spline (NURBS) and a duplicate Polygon Mesh of that model. Convert to Platform Mesh. Command: RsMesh2Surf. Dec 22, 2016 · The following steps describe a generic process of converting a mesh model to Sub-division format, followed by conversion to NURBS. Unity supports triangulated or quadrangulated polygon Meshes, so you must convert Nurbs, Nurms, and Subdiv surfaces to polygons. It then creates a single trimmed Nurbs surface for a group of mesh faces that collectively define a feature When the CAD software renders the NURBS surface, the resolution of the triangle mesh it generates internally typically will be dependent on the zoom level. ” - User review on our reseller's website - novedge. Note: only patch-like meshes can be converted, due to nurbs maths); Convert a nurbs  25 Jun 2009 Once the mesh is converted, it can be manipulated with the Autodesk Shape That ensures a solid with the least amount of Nurbs patches. 115 Automatically add spans to areas of a Mesh to single NURBS is a standalone application. Several NURBS surfaces can describe a volume. Draw mesh objects or create meshes from NURBS objects. 2 Extrude curve with Solid option on; 4. Multi select the cube and the sphere. To Union Mesh. mesh as a NURBS patch [LS08]. 8m 48s Work with Arnold materials Convert a nurb contained in a node to a nurbs surface. CONVTOMESH Used to convert a solid or surface to a mesh object. g. The software imports the file and associated mesh data into a solid or surface body. I imported a polygon based 3d object into viacad 9 then I converted it into quad surface afterwards I launched the Mesh into NURBS command but nothing happened I have got an icon that indicated a green surface with red points on it. Why do you want NURBS support in the engine itself? Why not just model with nurbs, and convert to poly mesh? The way you would interact/use/whatever your model in Unity would be the same either way. Knots. this tool is used to convert nurb surfaces into tspline and back into a nurb. Apr 09, 2013 · It has a tendency to freeze your computer if you are trying to convert a large mesh into NURBs. To the right are three mesh representations of the same object. More info See in Glossary Deformer, UModeler, and Mesh Editor. The following exercise shows the workflow of converting NURBS to polygons. Leave Form at "best guess" and make sure the Degree is set to "3 Cubic". As i have read the two programs use different "platforms" for model building - NURBS models are based on mathematical equations, while SUBD on polygons. Convert mesh to a single Nurbs surface; 3. It feels like a hybrid of NURBS and polygons, easily generating smooth and rounded surfaces like NURBS while utilizing many polygonal tools. The downside can be that if the resolution of your mesh is too low or if you have poor topology, then you may get artefacts such as pinching at render time, or deformation issues when rigging. And then there are some details you need to know: Install Rhino. Free Point Cloud for Rhino. A 4-mesh screen means there are four squares across one linear inch of screen. All solid and NURBS-based objects of FreeCAD will be converted to mesh on export. The mesh will be sized to the bounding box of the object (geometric box for fill, visual box for stroke). To verify this we can create a mesh from these NURBS surfaces. NURBs (Non Uniform Rational B-splines) : These, on the other hand, are fantastic for creating smooth, curved surfaces, such as a car bonnet. This would work perfectly for me, as I need a very good surface quality for further aerodynamic optimization. Tutorial 10 - 6 Steps to create a solid from mesh by using RhinoResurf. Export the. MESH TO NURBS . What does mesh size mean? It is the number of openings in one inch of screen. Specify desired limit surface quality for automatic nurbs conversion. The disadvantages are a rarely perfect model, and a lack of any parametric features. To convert to a polygonal surface you must create a NURBS surface and then convert it. Once the NURBS object is converted to meshes we must verify that the mesh has no naked edges. To Merged Mesh. gh file. Textures This paper introduces a novel method to convert trimmed NURBS surfaces to untrimmed subdivision surfaces with Bézier edge conditions. The repair tools should be used on every discrete mesh separately before attempting to join the meshes into a single solid. ghx file of the definition I got online as well as the mesh that I created in a . OBJ mesh to solid - OBJ mesh to nurbs surface, imorpt OBJ file, export igs file. But for final rendering, a polygon is always converted into 3 point polygons. Trim to the desired size. Click left-mouse button to select the displayed mesh, then click  7 Mar 2012 This video shows the procedure of mesh repair and NURBS creation in VRMesh Reverse -- www. stl mesh file. Nov 28, 2011 · Image Processing - Converting Voxel to NURBS or Learn more about digital image processing, 3d plots, stereo vision I’m building sections of a car, starting off with Nurb curves and then I convert them to Polygons. Follow along and discover how to build a modern task chair in Rhino, transfer the model to ZBrush for high-res detailing, send the mesh back to Rhino to convert it to NURBs, and finalize the design for printing. Mesh2Surface is the right tool to convert a 3D scan of my mockup into a regular NURBS model. User selects a mesh, and defines a sub-mesh by drawing closed lines on the selected mesh. This should be done very quickly - I am just looking for the know how. Power ScanToNURBS simplifies this process by creating accurate NURBS representations Jul 25, 2014 · If your mesh was manifold, it will turn into a fairly clean nurbs surface, though it will probably be a large file because each mesh face will be a nurbs plane. A host of CFD and hydrostatic analysis export formats are also supported, including GHS, Autohydro NUSHALLO, etc. Even with those kinks worked out, that workflow was too slow for production, and the build team changed to a program called Softimage where we had better vertex level Jun 29, 2015 · Let me take the cubic degree of NURBS as an example to explain the usage of these equations for you, First, we normally use a, b, c, and d to represent the four control-points of cubic Bezier curve, but here in my equations I am using v0, b0, c0 and v1 to represent the four control-points of the Bezier segment-0, and v1, b1, c1 and v2 for the segment-1 and so on. If you converted that from a poly object, chances are, the conversion compensated the non-quad nature of your mesh into tons of areas of higher density. Convert to LwCad Mesh. root of 2 or 1. I have an OBJ file that I need to build into a model. I can do that, but the mesh is like so heavy after converting into sub-d's that going from sub-d's to nurbs is almost impossible (notice I said almost ScanStudio CAD TOOLS adds powerful tools to convert your 3D Scan data into a CAD model. NOTE: it is generally much easier to convert from a NURBS geometry to a mesh object rather than the other way around. Here is where Mesh2Surface comes to help me. Useful script for converting polygon mesh to NURBS surface. Steps: Select. Mesh geometry can be a light-weight and flexible alternative to working with NURBS, and Meshes are used in everything from rendering and visualizations to digital fabrication and 3D printing. Create a curved NURBS mesh and a closed NURBS curve, as shown in the next picture. Select the mesh and the curve. This month we will finish examining form•Z's tools that transform wire objects into 3D objects. I have 13 Nurbs lines selected that won’t convert to Polygons. How can I convert this to a surface or solid that I can model with in Creo? Thank you, Glenn PS - For some reason I cannot upload the file to attach with this thread. A mesh is a collection of polygons with guaranteed ordering. define the rail curves, (curves in 1 direction). ply, *. What is a good nurbs surface for a given mesh depends on the use case. it is currently a polygonal mesh. Where SL is concerned, Maya users may have an unusual attachment to NURBS, since they were the original surface source type for sculpties. IGES 3D model of an original CRX concept car body. Mesh Quads are converted to 4-sided untrimmed degree1 NURBS  Convert mesh to nurbs and import / export 3D file formats with Nurbs solid shapes including STEP (STandardized Exchange of Product), 3DM (Rhino), IGES and  Step 4: The Rhino command prompt 'Select a mesh to create a nurbs surface' is displayed. 1 The higher the resolution of your mesh, the larger the file size. there are three emergce thing need to fix. About 70k triangles. This software can convert an open mesh to a single Nurbs surface just by clicking one button. Converting NURBS to meshes for display and rendering. This branch change a lot of blender core nurbs code,needs more time to investgation. NURBS NURBS, Non Uniform Rational B-Splines, are parametric tensor product curves or surfaces defined by the following expression "Mesh to single NURBS is a stand-alone application that converts an open mesh to a single NURBS surface. Rotate the view window until the curve is in right place over the mesh. By the way, this isn't really a programming question, so it's not really appropriate for StackOverflow. Rhino warns if you are using a mesh larger than 20000 faces. Integrated mesh scene layers are generally created for citywide 3D mapping; they are often captured by drone and cannot be restyled. the tool is also used to convert any quad polygon mesh into a tspline and back into a mesh. Videos Jul 19, 2016 · 9. there are only 2 output file formats - . Next, I watched the Tsplines youtube video on how to convert mesh to nurbs using Tsplines. New in Rhino 6 CONVERT polyface mesh, 3D face, into 3D solid I have another problem, I want to vonvert my 3D dwg (consists of polyface mesh) and I want to vonvert it into 3D solid, my purpose is to make sections of the 3D. That option is only available if Hello, I wonder, is there anyone who can help me to convert a simple mesh to nurbs? basically I need to reverse engineer a shape that I modified in zbrush. As always if you have any questions please leave them in the comments section below. The Question is as follows. Visit us at Published by Abu Hena Ashik. To convert NURBS A good rule of thumb for Fusion is to keep it around 10,000 facets. Mesh Repair and Union. I’n newbie in the NURBS with Blender… After a lofting, I try to convert the result in mesh: In Edit mode, I select all vertex and press the convert POLY button, but I’ve no effect… Oct 18, 2016 · In this lesson from Pluralsight’s “NURBS for Organic 3D Modeling in AutoCAD” course, we will learn how to begin working with Meshes and NURBS geometry inside of AutoCAD. I own both 3D Coat and ZBrush for quad retopology. and maybe how to convert NURBS into usable quad meshes? tricky, often creates a problematic mesh. Wide polylines import as surfaces. Visit for free, full and secured software’s. hth. Become familiar and learn about the various methods employed to convert NURBS surface to polygonal surfaces in Maya 2017. For example, to convert an analytic cube and sphere to meshes: 1. Tutorial 11 - Fit mesh to NURBS surface by specifying shape type. The maximum deviation between mesh and surface can be Hi, I have just purchased the power pack however no idea how to use mesh into NURBS tool. Is there a way to convert faces on the same nurb surface in nurbs entities ? Thanks "-" before the sieve mesh indicates the particles pass through the sieve; typically 90% or more of the particles will lie within the indicated range. igafem Isogeometric analysis (IGA) is a fundamental step forward in computational mechanics that offers th Rhino is not an automatic reverse engineering software. Draw a line at 45? 2. Make social videos in an instant: use custom templates to tell the right story for your business. RhinoResurf2(WIP) for Rhino - Help you rebuild high quality NURBS surfaces from a mesh Mar 27, 2012 · A mesh that is created from a NURBS Rhino object by using the Mesh command is a mathematical approximation of the original NURBS object. Export the surface to . I know this topic comes up from time to time, but I was wondering if anyone has a suggestion for an easy way to do convert a mesh file to a NURBS file. DAE Yes Yes The main import/export format of Sketchup. You can convert any set of NURBS curves into Ornatrix guides using the Hair from Curves operator. Especially we must create perfectly squared UV-maps. ProArchitect #004 - Mesh vs NURBS (basics of CAD geometry) - Duration: 11:01. Click Surface tabControl Vertices panelConvert to NURBS. 19 Nov 2017 A short description of the characteristics of Meshes and NURBS is below. Select the Mesh and this will convert it from a "Quad Mesh" to a T-Spline body. S. Mesh Triangles. FEM_TO_GMSH , a FORTRAN77 program which reads FEM files definining a 1D, 2D or 3D mesh, namely a file of node coordinates and a file of elements defined by node indices NURBS: Definition . Many thanks in advance for your help. it converts the surface mesh to a 3d solid from which i can get a volume mesh (hopefully). Has anyone came across another program? or a way to convert with out? MeshLab is great open source to repair, smooth and simplify mesh models, especially from 3D scans. The problem is that I want to convert it into a NURBS model so I can export it to IGES. As for the video tutorials, that would be very cool. However, it is unable to  23 Mar 2016 Note that support for trimmed NURBS surfaces is not needed (and AFAIK (for automotive) and I need Maya to import and convert my mesh. 0029 in. You can also maintain the mesh as a mesh model in SOLIDWORKS that allows graphical viewing of the mesh model. Nurbs curves have a knot vector, a row of numbers that specifies the parametric definition of the curve. 0) range. Using 3ds Max models and exporting them to AutoCAD/Revit I get final documentation models that are defined by polygons. Shuja If we convert the NURBS surface into a triangle mesh and apply the mesh parameterization method, some parameterization results can be obtained subsequently. Convert to separate Meshes. Blender for Windows x64 is the free open source 3D content creation A range of 3D object types including polygon meshes, NURBS surfaces, bezier and B-spline curves, metaballs, vector array, boolean, edge split, mask, mirror, multiresolution, lattice, mesh deform, smooth, wave, collision, explode, smoke), render an Make it so BKE_mesh_from_nurbs() doesn't do any in-place modifications and treats all inputs as const. 4m 39s 9. For example we will now convert our Nurbs surface into a polygon model, directly translating our isoCurve layout into quadrilateral mesh faces. Make a Simple Face of Bézier Curves . >> Point Cloud to Mesh: Example 1: This video shows how to convert point clouds to a two-sided mesh directly for visualization of an oil well. mesh to solid in rhino/page=3/page=2 in detail Jul 01, 2015 · How to convert a Rhino Brep to a Rhino Mesh using RhinoCommon. These curves can then be grounded to a surface mesh in Maya and hair can be generated from them. Use the result mesh, assign it to object data do all the other remapping. In the example below a NURBS object is shown at the left. Oct 18, 2017 · 1. Their approaches, like the aforemen-tioned ones, construct polygon meshes and use expensive processes for fit-ting a network of triangular B-Spline to the point cloud. Aug 01, 2015 · There are of course different ways to handle subdivision, or to convert a mesh into a NURBS surface to be able to build it smoothly (check nPower Software SUBD-NURBS). When we convert nurbs into SubD, can we go back to nurbs? You can however continue to edit the mesh in GS or in any other third party software such as Maya. Hope that helps!-A Hi everyone. This mesh is the same mesh type that is created when we export the NURBS model in mesh format, the model is converted to a mesh file and the mesh file is what is exported. Convert and Output as Trimmed NURBS Surface The NURBS Curve primitive will be converted into a corresponding trimmed NURBS surface (patch). If the polylines are narrower than Rhino's current tolerance setting, wide polylines import as polylines. Currently this is the way I convert meshes from 3DS Max or Sketchup to Nurbs: Mesh to single NURBS. I tried reseting the convert Nurbs to polygon tool and also restarting the progam, but no changes. if it is not exit, how do i can this ? Thanks in advance for your help, Regards. Create . Both new and enhanced mesh tools, plus support for double-precision meshes, accurately represent and display ground forms such as the 3D topography of a large city. This software can convert an $119 DOWNLOAD Eyeshot Nurbs Demo Features: - orthographic / perspective projection - interactive zoom / pan / $1233 DOWNLOAD CONVERTOLDMATERIALS This command is used to convert materials created in AutoCAD 2006 and earlier to the current AutoCAD materials format. Apr 30, 2013 · Mesh objects (as well as laser scans) are usually not worth trying to edit. The following tools are available in Rhino's Mesh menu. wire, the standard sieve as adopted by the Bureau of Standards of the U. If you'd compare a polygonal 3D mesh to bitmap graphics, then a 3D NURBS object could be compared to vector graphics, as the surface curvature resolution of a NURBS object is infinite, and meshing is needed for it to become a polygonal object. FUNCTIONS. Convert NURBS to polygons . Once it has converted completely, you should have two bodies inside your "Bodies" folder. MeshToNurb will convert mesh triangles into either trimmed planar NURBS surfaces, or untrimmed planar NURBS surfaces with a singularity (one edge collapsed to a point), depending on whether you have set the command line option TrimTriangularFaces to Yes or No. Below screenshot shows a mesh model in Rhino. A mesh-based format. CAD systems use NURBS (NonUniform Rational B Splines) to define shapes because they can be parametrically manipulated. The ability to mirror the curves. I’ve tried the simple CONVERT TO method, converted to Patch and then to NURBS, but the mesh turn out messy. Hope that helps!-A Convert poly object to nurbs lattice (inverse operation. //Tobias Mesh to single NURBS is a standalone application. You can create a surface using the curves as boundaries ( they will be the edges of your mesh ) by selecting the curve ( must be closed ) and going to: Surfaces---> Planar. I am looking for the best way(s) to convert a mesh to nurbs but automatically join all the faces into one piece and not a million individual faces. Easy to use. Then rotate the view window to find a desired projection. Cite Nurbs don't drain much ; extremely dense nurbs networks do :P Nurbs can only be be grid like. Sometimes the 3dPP> Stitch and Trim is needed and works. Autodesk Inventor. 'Original object does anyone know a blender 2. NURBS calculates the mesh as splines between points, which can make curves out of a single section of geometry. For mesh modeling, the best source is, well, mesh modeling. - should I re-built the chairs from the begining, starting A mesh is triangulated polygons approximating the geometry (the more dense the triangles, the closer to the actual geometry), whereas a "surface" is the actual mathematical expression of the geometry (NURBS and the like) and what you're seeing in the viewport is a translation of that expression (which is why the shaded bits don't always line up A mesh is triangulated polygons approximating the geometry (the more dense the triangles, the closer to the actual geometry), whereas a "surface" is the actual mathematical expression of the geometry (NURBS and the like) and what you're seeing in the viewport is a translation of that expression (which is why the shaded bits don't always line up In this video we will show you how to take any mesh face and convert it to a mesh surface. It supports many of 3D file extensions including 3DM (Rhinoceros 3D Model), STEP (STandardized Exchange of Product), IGES (Initial Graphics Exchange Specification), BREP (Boundary Representation) and IFC (The Industry Foundation Classes). 1 i would like to know to exist Opencascade fuction to convert mesh to nurbs surface. Converting surfaces is a good way to model in NURBS for a polygonal model. Aug 05, 2008 · 'manufacturable', or 'meshable' in this case, surfaces to a scan set or mesh model). Select polygon objects you want to convert to NURBS, and press 'PolyToNURBS This result is not significantly better than the original mesh data, so I needed to try another method. Is there a way to convert these models t Mesh to single NURBS is a standalone application. Generally, you will use the point cloud or polygon mesh as a reference to remodel the object with NURBs surfaces. com. These are volumes build with NURBS surfaces. The OBJ file is a mesh. In the field of computational modeling, Meshes are one of the most pervasive forms of representing 3D geometry. Thanks for suggestion. Also, the result may be a polysurface instead of one single surface. A NURBS surface and a NURBS curve. This is actually what I am personally struggling to do in the long term (this is the topic of my PhD). com offers free software downloads for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android computers and mobile devices. Mesh to single NURBS - convert an open mesh to a single nurb surface. I’m using Maya 2012 64-Bit. Wilson. this in reverse (convert meshes to NURBS) is not simple). RhinoResurf(for Rhino4and5) - convert mesh model to nurbs surface. Given n+1 control points P 0, P 1, , P n and knot vector U = { u 0, u 1, , u m} of m+1 knots, the B-spline curve of degree p defined by these parameters is the following: Convert surface (mesh) model to 3D solid body. I'm making a new  Solidworks is able to convert this, although it's very literal: 1 polygon will be 1 NURBS patch (it doesn't smooth/merge the geometry). Maintain vertex order on export. (2020-06-29) mesh to solid in rhino/page=3/page=2 programs and downloads. 5. Vertices represent Knots. Duplicate array to get a bunch of them. It uses arrays to represent the triangles, vertex positions, normals and texture coordinates and also supplies a number of other useful properties and functions to assist mesh generation. The object is converted to a procedural surface. Two pre-sets are important for this. Let us consider the way of introducing homogeneous coordinates to a B-spline curve and derive the NURBS definition. Mesh to Single Nurbs from Resurf converts a mesh model to one single NURBS but only for not-too-complex surfaces of course. Regards, Metin But then, if they like my work, they will ask for a real 3D CAD model. Hit Apply and you should now see your NURBS curve helix appear. , the openings increasing in the ratio of the sq. Write faces into OBJ groups based on the meshes vertex group. 76 mm) and be retained by a But then, if they like my work, they will ask for a real 3D CAD model. 4. However, conversion in the other direction is nontrivial. Note that this does a best guess since a face’s vertices can be in multiple vertex groups. Aug 22, 2018 · A polygon is a flat 3D surface created by a 3 or more points. 2m 48s Understanding the basic shader types . They do not need to be closed (no naked, non joined edges), but they can be. The NURBS to Polygons action bakes the NURBS UV values onto the corresponding polygonal vertices. 414 except in the sizes Nos. The features include: 1. I recently was able to use my iPhone 11 as a 3D scanner, with an app from Qlone, and would like to Cyborg3D MeshToCAD simplifies reverse engineer of free form organic shapes to produce NURBS surfaces in standard CAD formats. Now with your explanations I understand better. To convert NURBS. While ScanStudio creates mesh models, CAD TOOLS adds features to automatically transform your triangular mesh surfaces into NURBS surfaces. 2 Dec 2011 Convert scanned (mesh) models into precise CAD (NURBS) models • Apply various NURBS operations to the converted model • Read various  17 Nov 2017 01 convert polygon to nurbs curves 1:14:16. i am needing to convert a mesh (chair seating) created in 3ds max to solidworks (NURBS) based (either an IGS or STEP). e. Fig. I have found I can do it by converting - In Maya, I have played with the Convert NURBS to Polygon Options but didn't find any statisfactory settings. import . 1. Alternatively, since you are already generating the geometry in Rhino using GH, just output your object as a BRep (or NURBS object) from Meshes. Execute Autoshaper mesh to nurbs converter from the Windows menu. Nurbs, Nurms, Subdiv surfaces must be converted to polygons. 0021 in. Then use the frame component to change the thickness and extrude it with thicken mesh. 1 Converting a NURBS to a solid. It is good practice to turn your NURBS into meshes within your rhino file and view them in Flat Shade mode (_FlatShade command). Create Materials 9. to get the best results do the following: 1. 8. Knife. An alternative exporter is provided by the Arch workbench, more suited to the export of architectural models. 1. Tutorial 6 - Convert a mesh to multiple surfaces with trimmed surface. com "Thanks for the Jan 07, 2013 · Happy new year, everyone! I'm looking for a way to convert SW model to 3dS max. Activate the To Nurbs tool. Simply open object, convert object type, mesh! Now we need to unwrap the mesh. Coupled with Power NURBS Pro, Power ScanToNURBS allows you to import scanned meshes, convert to NURBS to apply Boolean operations, filleting, blending, etc. When your mesh is too big to convert to Nurb, use “Reduce Mesh”  11 Feb 2020 When creating a file for 3D printing, most CAD programs convert the file to STL format (which converts it to a triangular polygon mesh). Blender is a free and open-source polygonal mesh 3D computer graphics software. Modify>Convert>Convert to Nurbs. Sometimes you don't even need it to be on a high level of accuracy, as in the case of 3D printing a sculpture you created. Select all the lines. Why nurbs? Because it's a very fun and relatively easy way to make nice and detailed characters. A few NURBS curves, circles and ellipses being notable examples, are always rational. If one mesh have some polygons with material A, some polygons with material B, and some polygons with NO convert also the surface to a mesh, split with it and draw a spline along the edge The spline can be projected onto the original surface and used for trimming Unfortunately these are practical only for simple shapes. More info See in Glossary class is the basic script interface to an object’s mesh geometry. Photo & Graphics tools downloads - OBJ mesh to solid by resurf and many more programs are available for instant and free download. To convert mesh into nurbs download & install Autoshaper software. Create Materials Overview of Maya rendering . Notes The ExtractControlPolygon command is useful if you want to extract control polygons as objects. A 100-mesh has 100 openings, and so on. " It converted my stl to a "nurbs surface" that i can use for further modelling. I duplicated my surface in order to allow us to compare the Nurbs original to the new Poly version. And this is done in object mode. ) as a convenient way to define smooth curves and surfaces interactively on the The R in NURBS stands for rational and indicates that a NURBS curve has the possibility of being rational. Activate the To Nurbs tool from the 'NURBS' tool tab. Surface control point number can reach 300X300 which allows to fit large scale data. General information and display control for an integrated mesh scene layers can be found on the 3D object scene layer Layer Properties dialog box. Select the polysurface and then run the Mesh command: Mesh->From NURBS Object on the menu. I am importing a Poly mesh that I want to refine with under Nurbs and throw on some cylindrical and planar mapping, but I need to convert the Poly to Sub-D's first then to Nurbs. The option to control the resolution of the mesh from the curves. With the mesh selected, execute the ToSubD Command. We can see how the mesh is created with a prefect union. Nov 28, 2017 · doing this, with a big number of faces mesh, freecad freezes for hours and, at the end, the solid is not made of NURBS but many small surfaces, the same of the mesh, also on big planar surfaces. Start with as few faces as possible A dense subdivision base mesh wastes control points and will reduce performance. There were some good reasons for that at the time, but we're well past all that now. Such conversion is demanded, for example, in industry scenarios when the designer first converts a subdivision surface to NURBS patches and then performs trimming operations to get the desired shape (since trimming NURBS models is well developed in Find Select a mesh object and press Enter. In 2009 Cassola et al. and you can control the uv division and stiffness directly in real time. Govt. Do you  Change the imported file to Nurb With nurb surfaces, you can manipulate in rhino. Apr 22, 2016 · Как преобразовать mesh (полигональную сетку) в NURBS-поверхности . This example is a simple demonstration on how to convert a curve into a primitive circle. The knots are a list of (degree+N-1) numbers, where N is the number of control points. I downloaded a solid to mesh program by sycode but its like $250 after 10 days of free trial. Convert mesh to a single NURBS surface, 3. Solidworks or Rhino required. Right: the rectangular control mesh of a trimmed NURBS surface. In an upcoming post, I’m going to be talking about techniques to convert from mesh/point cloud data to NURBS either manually or automatically using ScanTo3D and RapidWorks. Maximum Base Mesh Faces Set the maximum number of faces the original surface can have to successfully convert it to a subdivision surface. If you want to convert an existing mesh, try using Polygons > Reduce to Mesh Surface converts a NURBS surface to a mesh; Mesh Brep can convert polysurfaces and more complicated geometry into a single mesh. Open your STL, OBJ, OFF or SKP mesh file. NURBS patches to fit point clouds. Line Cut. This is due to the math used to describe the Bézier and NURBS curves. off, *. The basic element of a mesh is a vertex. Jan 12, 2015 · A NURBS patch consists of an n-by-m grid of points, where n and m can be any positive integer (and not necessarily equal). Using T-Spline to convert the mesh into a BRep). 01 - convert an open mesh to a single nurbs surface - Top4Download. This creates polylines and/or meshes that have vertices at the original objects’ control points. I would like someone to convert it to NURBS, which I could modify using SolidEdge. And Unity has great interactivity with most 3D modeling software. The grid has a rectangular topology, but of course the points may be positioned anywhere in space, to shape the curve accordingly. May 04, 2009 · Make2D is really a documentation tool more than anything, and like I already said, if it doesn't work on your mesh, then you have to convert that Mesh into a NURBS object using the Mesh2Nurb command. The Surface From Mesh tool works best on mesh files with regular prismatic geometry such as planes, cylinders, cones, and spheres. It is much more efficient that the equivalent polygons, and unlike most regular polygons you can convert it directly to NURBS. com "Thanks for the Feb 16, 2018 · A polysurface in Rhino is a set of surfaces joined together. Maxsurf can export to 2D or 3D DXF polyline, face or mesh geometry (AutoCAD) to a high level of Free mesh to solid converter download. I just ended up with a twisted bunch of Design X has a pretty decent "make surface" tool which tries to convert a mesh into a surface/solid. I tried to use a definition that someone provided online but the definition wasn't able to read my mesh as a mesh; it rejected the input. Normalize Weight Will scale weights value so that they fit tightly into the (0. With nurbs it turns out that this task can be performed by applying a well defined process. In order to do this you will either need to recreate the mesh with more Quads or use a program like 3DS Max which has a built in "Quadrify" function which will convert the triangles to Quads. Create meshes from Brep The code below produces a list of customised meshes based upon an input Brep and some mesh settings. Rect Cut nurbs (N surface) defined by 2-dimensional grid of control Convert and Output as Polygon Mesh The Spline Shape primitive will be converted into a mesh object prior to export. Apr 24, 2017 · hæ community - i am a 3d max user. Autoshaper converts mesh to nurbs and allows to import / export 3D solid modelling file formats with smooth Nurbs shapes as a native Windows software. Triangles are by definition planar. It can import . Note: only patch-like meshes can be converted, due to nurbs maths) Convert a nurbs object to poly object, fitting points in their surface (with SubD activated, this poly will no fit your nurbs, due to hull convexity property) Additionally, it can convert spline to nurbs, and nurbs to spline. The original NURBS boundary curves marked in orange are referred to as remaining boundary  14 Mar 2016 this tool is used to convert nurb surfaces into tspline and back into a nurb. Jan 11, 2010 · Hi there I have a model of a seat that i created by editing a mesh and then adding a MeshSmooth modifier onto it. Use the original 3d polys > Convert to Mesh (optional step>Convert to NURBS). In case you have more curves in one object this button with convert the curves into separate meshes. Mesh to single NURBS . It’s mesh to nurbs free download. By combining a Delaunay mesh with weaverbird's components you can simply make a smooth mesh! First, you can define the points, connect them by the Delaunay mesh and change the base mesh by changing the point's location. Surfaces in Rhino can be created with commands just as plane, loft, sweep1 or 2, extrude, etc. Mesh to single NURBS 1 convert an open mesh to a single nurb surface. In the early 1970's, 'B' or Basis splines were created (There are an infinite number of splines. When there are two curves in one object, this will convert to one mesh, but you will get faces intersecting. When you finish this tutorial you will know the basics of Nurbs and then you can try to apply your knowledge and make your own cool models. If I click apply or tessellate, nothings happens. ply2 or *. There are many programs that can convert mesh to nurbs by surface "auto generation", but there are always going to be some minor or major issues (depending on model shape, complexity and what program is doing the job). If you need to convert an existing 3D model in a surface representation (e. The mesh to its right is quite high resolution and is smooth, but not as smooth as the NURBS If you want to convert your sketch to a mesh, simply choose NURBS first, and then convert the created curve to a mesh. NURBS and Polygon Mesh—why both models are needed. Point Cloud for Rhino. Keep Vertex Order. The Dec 01, 2002 · Meshes and Nurbs 1 Dec, 2002 By: John E. each program will excel at something--and try to do some other things to compensate or compete w/ other packages: i. CONVTONURBS Used to convert a solid or surface into a NURBS object. The MeshSmooth is set to NURMS output and it works well. To be able to do this tutorial you are required to have some knowledge about the basics of Blender. 65 to 200 which increase in the ratio of the 4th root of 2 or 1. However, there is one main drawback for this kind of methods. The advantage is you can quickly and easily get a rather clean body to import into SOLIDWORKS. TopMod software generates output 3D mesh models; in order to make NURBS 3D models, you need to use some software that can convert mesh to NURBS surfaces. , and then export the resulting NURBS model to virtually any CAD system or rapid prototyping machine. the surface modifier in 3dsmax is something like the loft modifier, or sweep tools with more rail and cross curves in other nurbs programms. at the Federal University of Pernambuco, Brazil, developed a pair of polygonal mesh-based phantoms in standing posture, FASH (Female Adult meSH) and MASH (Male Adult meSH). Here’s an BIMscript insider tip: Rhinoceros can convert NURBS into Polygon Modeling through the Mesh command. How can I convert a NURBs to a quad mesh in Max? Hi there, I have a NURBs object and when I try to convert it into an editable poly it converts it into a triangular mesh, so each face is a triangle instead of quad. ProArchitect  3 Jan 2019 Need to convert an STL (or OBJ) file into a "real CAD model"? There are several tutorials which already exists for this topic. Is there is a way to convert the whole mesh, without wrecking the mesh itself? Or B. The only "new" here is the tool for converting a quad mesh to a nurbs surface, but you can do that with others plugins, like the FREE grasshopper plugin for rhino (extract Mar 23, 2019 · When it came time to convert the NURBs to meshes, I remember having trouble reducing the dense geometry down to something usable and dealing with cracks where surfaces met. However the computer doesn't recognize it as a volume, it doesn't know that the surfaces are attached to form a volume. - Polygon To NURBS. Write out NURBS curves as OBJ NURBS rather than converting to geometry. 27 Nov 2007 I bought a 3rd party 3d modle conversion package (Rino 3D) but havn't had much luck. Convert Mesh to a single NURBS surface; 3. Péter Máté • July 22, 2019. ----- So they are all capable of taking you to the same destination just using a different road, it's not uncommon for a modeler to convert back and forth between different geometry types. Convert and Output as Polygon Mesh The NURBS Curve primitive will be converted into a mesh object prior to export. which is the opening in 200 mesh 0. Curve To PolyLine Tool for converting NURBS curves into Lines or 2-point polygons Curve To LWcur Jan 07, 2018 · New in SOLIDWORKS 2018 is the Surface From Mesh tool, it lets you manipulate a mesh object that you imported from an *. The examples are written as static extension … Jul 04, 2008 · Whether you keep your ship as NURBS or converts to mesh depends on what you are going to do with them in Max. stl mesh file and export nurbs surface to . The quad mesh preparation is no problem. When you are ready to convert a polygon mesh to a subdivision surface, see ”Convert a NURBS or polygonal surface to a subdivision surface” on page 14. 3dm (nurbs) and . Uniform produces a uniform division for closed curves, but when used with open ones you will get "free" ends, which are difficult to locate precisely. Because there are many modelers that use polygon meshes to represent geometry for rendering, animation, stereolithography, visualization, and finite element analysis, the Mesh command translates NURBS geometry into polygonal meshes for export. Once converted to a closed polygon curve, you can convert the curve to a primitive circle. It works great on converting solid modles but not so well  4 Oct 2016 4. 1,correct tessilation 2,fix convert to mesh function which case crash 3,correct displaylist Converting other objects to NURBS mesh form . I ask because technology is evolving more rapidly than I can keep up, and it is possible I’m simply not aware of some new plugin or technique. Please see the video tutorial here: Download Mesh To Solid for Rhino - A Rhino plug-in to convert a mesh into a solid . Having said this, a successful method to convert triangular meshes to NURBS would be fabulous, if that exists too. HELP! : I need to translate/convert MESH models into NURBS models. The solution for me came from "Auto Mesher", and add-on for Autocad, it allows to import *. then you can export your Nurbs 1. Apr 27, 2005 · Can someone please tell me how to convert an extruded nurbs complete with caps to a single mesh object? When I 'make editable' the sides and two caps remain separate meshes. A mesh is of a collection of vertices, edges, and faces that define a 3D shape, usually made in a program external to SL, although there are in-world gadgets that allow one to convert prims to mesh (these do use an external program as part of the process as well). You can select and reference the converted facets, verticals, and facet edges. obj, *. First off when you when you convert to sub div you have to watch your max poly count is set to high enough level, in 2015 its now called Maximum base mesh faces in the options of the convert command. Oct 24, 2007 · Combine all of this mesh modeling hysteria with the laser scanning hysteria, and we have a real reason to bring mesh and NURBS closer together. Polygroups. They do not convert to NURBS. It's true that in the end, everything is converted to mesh (rhino does this when you switch to shaded mode--and at render time--you control the accuracy/fineness of the mesh in the Jan 15, 2010 · NURBS Toolbox official site is Convert degrees to radians. 1 Create a new scene file 2 Create a primitive NURBS sphere 3 Convert the NURBS sphere to polygons ICRP-89 reference body and organ values were used to adjust NURBS surfaces. 13 Oct 2011 Convert poly object to nurbs lattice (inverse operation. If you guys have any idea about it, itll be greatly appreciated. Mesh to single NURBS Mesh to single NURBS is a standalone application. The add-on is now exclusively integrated into Blender 2. The first mesh to the left is low resolution and will have a faceted silhouette. Polygons are ideal for dealing with complex topologies that go beyond the four sided nature of meshes and NURBS surfaces. Apr 18, 2017 · hæ community - i am a 3d max user. mll in the plug-in manager. Jean even shows you what the results look like coming straight off an SLA printer, and after they've been washed and cured. vrmesh. Graphics, rays, regions, or OLE objects do not import. This means that it is far better suited for models where a high degree of accuracy is needed. For this tutorial, the mesh model was created in Blender and imported in Rhino as an OBJ object. *. In this step, We have to take care about some very specific constraints. The To Nurbs tool converts geometric objects to NURBS form by approximating them with a set of NURBS meshes. Sometimes, the 3d PowerPacK> Create Planar Caps works. Autoshaper allows to import, export and convert between 3D solid modelling file formats with smooth to import and reconstruct nurbs surface from triangle mesh file formats including SKP (Trimble SketchUP), OBJ (Alias Nurbs, Nurms, Subdiv surfaces must be converted to polygons. They are equations used to define curves or surfaces that simulate the designer's batten in terms of stiffness and continuity. I’m a new developer but old blender user since 2004. Sep 17, 2019 · I feel that the right way to proceed is to auto-retopologize your mesh with some state-of-the-art algorithm like Instant Meshes, then fill the quadrilateral cells with Coons patches and then precise them by NURBS. Convert Mesh OBJ or Point Cloud RCS to NURBS Surface I have both a point cloud RCS file and a mesh OBJ of the same which I need to convert into a NURBS surface. convert mesh to nurbs

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